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New Visions Gallery Exhibit

Conservation Nature Photographs by Azael Meza & Wooden Sculpture by Matt Thies November 4 – December 27

Azael Meza is a landscape photographer born in Mexico and living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. He is pursuing his vision to promote conservation of habitat through nature photography that captures the sense of place and the importance of preserving it. Matt Thies is a sculptor currently located in Colfax. He uses his passion of wood working to introduce new, innovative creations that will work to enhance the surroundings of the areas in which they are placed.

Opening Reception November 3; 1:00 – 3:30PM

Sherman Lake Panorama

This week I got to experiment stitching 3 pictures to create a Panorama 3:1 format


Sherman Lake Panorama

Penokee Exhibit opening in Milwaukee



New photography website!

Welcome to the new and improved site: www.azaelmeza.com

Azael Meza is a photographer in Northern WI specializing in…artistic photography!

Against all advice, I do not see the need to separate my Wedding, Portrait, Nature and Fine Art Landscape sites into separate “Niches”; after all, they reflect a creative vision and passion for photography…all photography!

I approach a wedding, a portrait session and a landscape shoot with similar objectives: capture the emotion of the moment in an artistic way, seek beauty in every moment, produce exciting photography that has something to say and adds meaning to the people involved.

If an image is worth a thousand words, I chose to deliver a 1000 word original poem.

A word about technique: it is important to have good camera equipment and professional grade knowledge of how to use it…this is a given and anyone can buy gear and aquire knowledge on how to use it.

A word about artistic expression: it is best to forget the rules as soon as we learn them (that is to make them unconscious), and focus on our own creative perspective…this is a unique quest for every artist and CANNOT be taught or learned. Style can be copied, but the true artist will continue to evolve, and so will his/her style.

I cannot guarantee that your pictures will look exactly like any others, because you are unique, therefore, your pictures will also be unique, unscripted and inspired by your story and vision.

I am honored to be of service in capturing irreplaceable moments of your story.  Thank you for your trust.

Azael Meza

for contact information go to: www.azaelmeza.com






Penokee: Explore the Iron Hills Exhibit coming to Ashland, WI

The public is invited to attend an exhibit titled Penokee: Explore the Iron Hills June 23, 2012 to February 1, 2013 at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, located 2 miles west of Ashland on US Highway 2. A recent proposal to mine iron in the Penokee Range of Northern Wisconsin stimulated discussion and controversy, bringing statewide attention to this beautiful corner of the state. Sparked by the mining issue, twenty visual artists, musicians and writers from Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan decided to explore their relationship to the Penokees, creating works for the exhibit. The exhibit also highlights the area’s metallic mining history, natural history, geology, and cultural and Native American perspectives.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, June 23, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. A one-hour program will take place during the reception from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. The Visitor Center staff will welcome visitors, Terry Daulton, exhibit coordinator, will introduce the artists whose works are included in the show and each artist will give brief comments.   Joe Rose, Bad River Tribal Elder, will speak about Native American history and use of the Penokee Hills and watershed.  Other speakers will include two poets, John Bates (on the ethics of natural resource use) and Diana Randolph.  Frank Montano and Andy Noyes will play a collaborative music piece.

The public will be invited to explore the exhibit, visit with the artists, and share light refreshments.

For more information please phone the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center  (715) 685-9983 or visit www.northerngreatlakescenter.org or the exhibit website: www.penokeearts.wordpress.com.


Puerto Vallarta Bird Festival


The Banderas Bay Region is home to over 300 species of different birds and will be the site this March 15, through 18 for the Puerto Vallarta International Birding Festival. The Festival is hosted by the Vallarta Birding Club and will kick off on the 15th of March at 8am for festival registration,breakfast and birding at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Four action packed days of birding and natures walks with expert guides in unique habitats will be sure to satisfy even the most advanced birders, and lectures from local and international authorities on many interesting bird and birding related topics will round out the festival.

Don’t forget your binoculars!




Bird Photography in Mexico

I´m currently in Mexico working towards developing bird photography eco-workshops in the mexican riviera (Nayarit and Jalisco) for folks that want to bring their photography and birding passions to the next level, while aiding local conservation efforts.

Find photo-opportunities by paying attention to birding organizations

Paying attention to your local birding organizations can pay big in photo opportunities. As a member of a local Bird Watchers club in Northern Wisconsin I can participate in outings to birding hot-spots year around or sometimes receive notifications of rare or unusual birds present in the area by other club members through e-mail. The latter was the case with a large group of Trumpeter swans found overwintering on the Manitowish River. Armed with this information, I was able to get to the exact spot  where the swans where right before sunrise,  and was rewarded with some good pictures.


Increase your ratio of success by revisiting locations

I have gone to the site of this picture countless times; it is a small waterfall at the headwaters of the South Fork of the Flambeau River, and it often produces ephemeral surprises such as this frozen “wave” formation… I think that being familiar with our backyard landscape and revisiting favorite locations often is one of the most powerful combinations going for the Landscape / Nature photographer. Equal measures of pre-visualization of the scene we wish to capture, time of the day, athmospheric nuances, along with seasonal changes create a recipe for increased chances of a keeper and surprising picture at a familiar location. This is not a new approach; succesful photographers from all eras have utilized their intimate knowledge of the land, or a “sense of place” that inputs phenological and anecdotal data into the equation that make a great picture. A great set of tools, along with the camera bag, is the meteorological report, and knowledge of the celestial happenings of any given week. A great resource for the latter point is http://www.thephotographersephemeris.com , which provides an app with global location data, such as sunset, sunrise and moonrise times.